Rock Gods #225: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

It’s a party, all fun and games, until somebody dies onstage.
They say that the Frolicsome Frolictones could make the dead dance. That would be useful this time of year, yet so far we’ve only seen them make the dumb dance.
Friday’s case in pointless point: inviting the most obviously wasted folks in the singer’s sightline to stumble onstage and join in the festivities during the conga-line showstopper “Kinga Conga.” Thankfully, the dancers were not atop the Empire State Building, or their uncertain dancesteps would quickly have sent them to certain doom.

The Yell Chins and Calling Feral at the Bullfinch. Boo!… The Tonicollettes and the Imagine Poots at Hamilton’s, a scarified night where the decorations cost more than the bands will make—which is how these two makeshift acts were able to get on the bill… DJ Frite Nite at D’ollaires, where the live music is limited to hearing the costume pimp hats and the real suburban high-hairdos slap together…