Literary Up: No Parkering

My friend and former New Haven Advocate colleague Colleen Van Tassell was in town last weekend, and I missed her. Had several chances to sup, and couldn’t make any of them. She lives in Pittsburgh, a city I have not been to in nearly a decade. This lack of contact has weighed heavily on my mind.
So I trawled through the basement and found a poem clipped from an old Vanity Fair magazine collection—the original Vanity Fair, of course, and since this concerns Colleen, the piece is by Dorothy Parker, of courser.
It’s titled Men: A Hate Song, and it begins:
I hate men.
They irritate me.

You can find the whole poem—and even an mp3 recitation of it—here. There’s a companion poem, “I Hate Women,” but it’s the Men one that Colleen and I used to coo about. It was pinned to my Advocate bulletin board for years.
Got to get out more. Got to plan a trip to Pittsburgh.