Rock Gods #188: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

The area singer so fiercely associated with big-city cabaret that she’s known hereabouts as “Cabbie” has a simple rule for her live engagements these days: “I only work where there’s a curtain.”
The rule’s been in place for a year or so now, since Cabbie split the torch-song club scene for higher-profile proscenium/auditorium climes.
She broke the rule last Thursday at The Bullfinch in order to toast an old friend who’s getting married. Cabbie asked the band who happened to be onstage during this hen party—Rank Case of Reason, the onetime punks who’ve cleaned up their act in recent months—if they knew a certain tearswept ballad from a hit musical. They didn’t (or pretended not to), but they knew a saucier song from the same show. So that’s what got done, replete with struts and upthrust bums and all the thrills of, uh, cabaret.

Bergere Shepherdess at the Bullfinch with Pilgrim Revival… The Lincoln Rockers and Eastlake Style at Hamilton’s… Klismos and Wainscots, sedentary Euro dirges, at D’ollaire’s. Bet they’ll sell a lot of brandy…