Rock Gods #165: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

The Closet Augers, The Float Cups, Valve Seat and Flush play outside the ballpark on Local Music Appreciation day, starting at 2 p.m. (Get there wayyyyy early if you want to beat the boozier drivers.) Those tailgate shows got a lot less thankless after Walter “Watt” Lavelle took over the bookings two regular seasons ago. Last year, “Watt” made sure a couple of dudes in the music industry got parking passes near the bandstand, and that’s how Blockage got their demo deal.
There’ll be dozens of us from the scene outside the whole time, catching rays and tunes. Our team chant will be: “Oh, there’s a game?”

Edapho’s Aurus and the newly solo Archie Opteryx at the Bullfinch… Living Fossils (now there’s an appropriate name for a cover band) and The Podokes at Hamilton’s… More lumbering earthy rock dinosaurs—Dei Nony Chus and Monoclonius—at D’ollaire’s, except they at least write their own songs…