Rock Gods #164: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

It was a marching band. The kcor setarip (you know who we’re talking about) did their usual unannounced hit-and-run set—but at Hamilton’s this time, where nobody expected to ever see them play. (How they pulled this off is a matter for secret government agents.) The set was, as ever, sensational. But what matters is how it ended.
Initiating a conga line, the pirates (who’ve got this portable rock band thing down to a science) marched off the stage, through the crowd, and led nearly the whole pack of dancers, drinker and layabouts right out of Hamilton’s down the street, and… into the Bullfinch!
It was an extraordinarily daring display—a band of pirates walking their own plank, turning their backs on one of biggest local-friendly clubs in town and reaffirming their allegiance to the scruffy Bullfinch.
The Bullfinch didn’t know how to handle the tribute at first—it did, after all, have another band onstage at the time. Luckily, the interrupted was The Troubles I’ve Seen—the club blues duo of B. Diamond and Ginny Gilbert, better known in this column as The First Hipsters. B. and Gin immediately got what was going on, let the parade continue, and joined in feverishly.
By this time the Bullfinch bartenders, barbacks and backroom beancounters had figured out this was a cool thing, not an evil incursion. Would drinks on the house suit? They would.