Rock Gods #163: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

In record time, being in a band got Elizabeth “Bonnie” Beetz of the Bonny Joes published in a poetry journal, a professional modeling gig, and an invitation to study at the fashion institute at the college on the hill.
So she broke up the band. Are her longsuffering bandmates pissed!
“It wasn’t her band in the first place,” whines guitarist Jack Dee, who started the act two years ago as an Irish bar band. Denial aside, Bonnie made that band, putting them on the radar of managers and label suits. Now that she’s decided to be nonmusical, the setback is unforwardable. A few rounds of infighting occurred even before Bonnie’s bolting. But nobody’s acting as if she’s replaceable.
All the Bonny Joes have dayjobs, of course. But Bonnie’s different—she’s got prospects! Potential! A future! Sucks to be her ex-sidemen.

Move, over, Bonnie. Another eclectic thrush, Blake Lee sings a set with the Zeps, then a different one with The Frank Sins, at the Bullfinch. Watch out, boys… The Rizzo Honeys and Sure Diners—admittedly both on the more interesting end of the regional cover act circuit—at Hamilton’s… Beer Band Bingo at D’ollaires. That’s an event, not an act. We have no idea what it means…