Rock Gods #138: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

We got that Extinct lyric pretty much right last week:

You were smart—when you threw me over

You’ll smart—when I’m in the clover

I can change—more than you suspected

I’m unchained—can do the unexpected.

Not Blake, sure, but you gotta hear the tune, and Robert Stankus’ uh, unexpectedly good singing voice. That chance will be coming sooner than we could ever hope. An album will take a good deal longer, but that small label that signed Extinct last week wants to put “Smart” out as a radio single within the next two months.

Rich Johns and a solo set by Sidney George at the Bullfinch…

The Silvermen and D-Guild at Hamilton’s, a purported hip-hop happening though both acts are all white… Game Changers and Complicated Shadows at D’ollaire’s. Is it us, or is the big room getting too hip for its own good?…