The Rey Planta Review

Rey Planta By Manuela Infante. Produced by Alexandra Ripp, who also translated the script. Directed by Michael Place. Script and translation consultants: Jose Rodriguz, Anne Seiwerath. St: Daniel Alderman and Olivia Higdon. Stage Manager: Alyssa K. Howard. Sound: Keri Klick. Associate Sound: Palmer. Costumes: Erika Taney. Performed by Robert Grant (The King), Monique Bernadette (The … Continue reading »

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Meet Palestine’s Freedom Theatre, for free, 4:30 p.m. Wednesday at Yale

Always worthwhile when a scrappy political theater visits the Yale campus. On Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 5, the Yale School of Drama welcomes The Freedom Theatre from Palestine. The five-year-old company runs a youth theater and cultural center at the Jenin Refugee Camp in the north part of the West Bank, grew out of a project, … Continue reading »

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Re: Boundaries

No Boundaries: A Series of Global Performances knows what’s bound to happen this season. The series’ 2011-12 slate was announced last week. It represents a rare and longrunning collaboration between the undergraduate Yale Theater Studies program’s World Performance Project and the Yale School of Drama graduate program. No Boundaries presents three visiting theater or dance … Continue reading »

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No Time Like the Peasant

You’ll remember that Katy Rubin of New York’s Theatre for the Oppressed came to town over the summer to lead workshops having to do with a planned production of Peter Gould and Stephen Stearns’ politically conscious parable A Peasant of El Salvador, in which a poor farmer who sees everything he holds dear swallowed up … Continue reading »

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New Ron Jenkins play being read at Wesleyan TONIGHT!

  Wesleyan Center for the Arts in Middletown is premiering a new play by Ron Jenkins tonight. The reading is held at 7 p.m. tonight, Sept. 28, in the center’s CFA Hall, for free. Must be cool to go to school where Ron Jenkins teaches. I never studied with him, but I followed Jenkins for … Continue reading »

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A Man’s a Starman

David Bowie—Starman By Paul Trynka (Little, Brown/Hachette, 2011) This is the first Bowie bio I’ve found that gives serious attention to the erstwhile David Jones’ stage- and film-acting projects alongside his musical ones. The book devotes over six pages just to the BBC’s 1981 TV adaptation of Brecht’s Baal, in which Bowie starred. It’s revealed … Continue reading »

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England’s Riots: We’ll Rumble Them Right?

The scene felt like it was in a movie. The mayor, white blond hair flopping in its Dulux dog way, bumbled down a cordoned-off Lavender Hill, past firefighters dousing what used to be a party shop. His smallish media mob—featuring fuzzy microphones, aides, camera and hangers-on—headed towards the much bigger broom mob, waiting to start … Continue reading »

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Playing the Market

Everybody has decided that everybody is panicking. So everybody is screaming and getting up and running out of the theater. —BU Economics prof Laurence J. Kotlikoff, quoted in the Aug. 9 Boston Globe story “An Avalanche of Worry—World Markets Plunge on Fears Over US, European Economies A dizzying array of disaster metaphors in today’s news. … Continue reading »

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Water Cooler Theater #2

A: I’m sorry, but the other side is being more stubborn than ever. B: so is the other other side. A: I’m afraid this stalemate may go on until the last minute. B: The very last last minute. A: darn this broken- down partisan government system. B [cliffhanger voice]: Tune in tomorrow to see if … Continue reading »

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Pie Squared

BBC Radio 4’s daily arts news show Front Row sliced a terrific bonus performance-art story out of the Rupert Murdoch testimonial pie-throwing fiasco. (See previous post.) The show contacted the fabric artist whose large linen piece “Debate” hangs in the hall where Murdoch was being grilled about his part in the News of the World … Continue reading »

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