Water Cooler Theater

Script for “Advertising Space,” presented last night at Get to the Point!

Hosted another of my monthly  Get to the Point! storytelling revues last night at Cafe Nine here in New Haven. There’s a pronounced theatrical element to some of them. Case in point: in searching for a decent off-copyright translation of a story from one of my favorite books of all time, August Villiers de L’isle-Adam’s … Continue reading »

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Water Cooler Theater #2

A: I’m sorry, but the other side is being more stubborn than ever. B: so is the other other side. A: I’m afraid this stalemate may go on until the last minute. B: The very last last minute. A: darn this broken- down partisan government system. B [cliffhanger voice]: Tune in tomorrow to see if … Continue reading »

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Water Cooler Theater #1

PAPER CUTS A script for the state workers in Wisconsin CHARACTERS A: The governor B: Anybody but the governor PROPS A whole lot of pieces of paper SCENE ONE B: What’s this? A: it’s a ballot. Vote for me. B: Well, I’ll vote for SOMEBODY. I believe in the will of the people. SCENE TWO … Continue reading »

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