Clever headings found in Jughead’s Double Digest #9, November 1991

Hip Dip
Talk Balk
Freak Critique
Net Nut
Lame Aim
Steep Leap
The Moose is Loose
Sheer Non-Cents
Cute Catch
Nutty Note
The Sandy Clause
Goof Spoof
The Champ of Camp
Super Duper Star
Care Despair
The Paws That Refreshes
Conversation Frustration
Cake Mistake
Weekend Pest
The Moose is Loose (again!)
Can Goodies
Boat Banter
Race Case
Wheel Wail
Tip Top
Escape Caper
Substitute Suitor an unusually high percentage of titles that neither pun nor rhyme, and which I shall not bother with here.

“Goof Spoof,” by the way, is a gag in which Big Moose (also the object of ridicule in both “The Moose is Loose” strips) is mowing the lawn and told by Archie that “to take care of crab grass… you have to get rid of it as soon as it comes up!” So Moose is shown in the middle of the night, scissors in hand, shining a flashlight on the lawn and waiting for the first hint of grass. Which has, I’d argue, nothing that merits the designation of either “goof” or “spoof.”