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Get to the Point! shows are loose by design, but contrary to the belief of some, they are not open mics.

Let Chris Arnott know if you want to do something. He’s very accommodating.

The running order is never set in advance, to allow for more of a flow from act to act. Some performers sense whom they want to follow (or precede), and make suggestions. Others leave it up to Chris. Some have to leave early and want to go on early. That’s cool too.

Get to the Point! is known for its appreciative, up-for-anything audiences. The best presenters notice this, and are flexible. Some have changed their minds about what they’ll present moments before they go on. The show is arranged so that such spontaneity is possible.

Here are the kinds of things that commonly get presented at Get to the Point!:

• Personal stories, told candidly.

• Written-out stories, read informally.

• Short readings of the works of others. (Original works preferred; we are wary of infringing copyrights.)

• Literate comedy routines.

• Theater scripts.

• Manic monologues.

• Musical works with a strong narrative element. These have ranged from a reading of the Velvet Underground’s “The Gift” with live back-up by the band Jellyshirts, an old British murder ballad arranged for electric guitar, sprechstimme performed on accordion and a talking blues number interpreted for a modern folk duo.

• One myth and one fairy tale per show. Chris Arnott chooses these, and either reads them himself or entrusts them to an actor in the room.

The key element is “story.” If the work has a clear storyline in it, it is welcome at Get to the Point!

We ask that no presentations exceed 20 minutes. In our experience, brevity is very popular.

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  • Carolyn Murray says:

    Thanks for MC’ing an edgy entertaining show (April 2014) really the variety and pacing was great, and would like to catch up with the list of names of some of the folks (musicians, writers, artists) there to see them in other places – look/listen to ’em. Get in kahoots to start a sort of revolution, or projet d’arte. I have a flyer here for another show I may check out and attend too. So— no really!—-great outlet for creatives and I plan to attend and/or consider sharing some of my own possibly, or maybe read some Lou Reed or Rocket Man or something, add a little microphone feedback or foley artistry. Zen. Just pure zen.

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