MacDuff 1969: An Interview with Barret O’Brien from the Long Wharf Theatre’s impending Vietnam-vet themed reworking of the Scottish Play

Eric Ting’s adaptation of Macbeth, which begins performances Jan. 18 at the Long Wharf Theatre, is a virtual moving forest of bold interpretative choices. Obviously, there’s the augmented title, Macbeth 1969, and the conceptual setting of the supernatural battle yarn in a Vietnam-era veteran’s hospital in the Midwestern U.S. But there are other directorial prophesies … Continue reading »

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Tempest in a Three-Book

Prospero Regained—The Stunning Conclusion of Prospero’s Daughter By L. Jagi Lamplighter The third 500-page volume in a trilogy which takes the characters in Shakespeare’s The Tempest a lot more seriously than Shakespeare ever did. Lamplighter has grown a whole mythology around Miranda and her siblings. Siblings? Yes, Prospero’s been busy—or just bored since he’s apparently … Continue reading »

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Only Six Nights Until Twelfth Night

I won’t always be posting video ads for shows, but this short promo for Westport Country Playhouse’s forthcoming production of Twelfth Night is rather process-oriented, and I’m always fascinated by how director Mark Lamos does his Shakespeare. He’s got a magical ability to get ensemble casts to uniformly grasp the bard’s meter and scansion so … Continue reading »

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The Hole Amount

Starting with their season-opening production of Romeo & Juliet on the Bayou, Hole in the Wall Theater in New Britain has changed the generous “donation only” policy instituted at the theater’s birth in the early 1970s. An explanation can be found on the Hole in the Wall website, here. But isn’t it already obvious? … Continue reading »

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The Elm Shakespeare Measure for Measure Review

Measure for Measure Continues Aug. 23-28 and Aug. 30-Sept. 4, 8 p.m. outdoors in Edgerton Park, New Haven. (the big park on the New Haven/Hamden line, bordered by Cliff Street between Whitney Ave. and Edgehill Rd.). By William Shakespeare. Directed by James Andreassi. Set design by Vladimir Shpitalnik. Costume design by Elizabeth Bolster. Lighting Designer/Master … Continue reading »

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The Summer Youth Theatre Hamlet Review

Hamlet By William Shakespeare. Directed by Annie DiMartino. Musical Director: Carol Taubl. Performed by Sam Taubl (Hamlet), Erik Van Eck (Claudius), Jane Logan (Gertrude), Ryan Ronan (Polonius), Jessica Coppola (Ophelia), James Taubl (Laertes), Jack Taubl (The Ghost), Jeremiah Taubl (Horatio), Maris Sullivan (Rosenkrantz), Kira Topalian (Guildenstern), Anthony Rockford (Grave Digger), Nina Dicker (First Player), Danielle … Continue reading »

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Artistic Viz-ion

I’ve been reading VIz for over 20 years, shortly after it debuted and when I was still in its target audience of horny, irrespressibly young adults who think they’re smarter than everyone else. I never “outgrew” the magazine partly because I never “outgrew” the British comic books and tabloid newspapers which it satirizes. Also because … Continue reading »

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I saw a smith stand with his hammer thus

At this point in our careers, we checked into hotels under pseudonyms. If you used real name, you’d have a tribute band delivering your room service or a girl larger than your whole family trying to climb through your window. Mentioning the name Aerosmith brought nothing but pain and penicillin . But then what else … Continue reading »

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Richard The Slurred

My friend Stephen Kobasa, with whom I’ve attended many impersonations of Shakespeare plays, alerted me to this. It appears to have been posted by its performer, Jim Meskimen, just a couple of days ago, to promote a Hollywood performance at the end of this month. I laughed loudest at the Paul Giamatti one, because I’ve … Continue reading »

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The Rose Mark’d Queen Review

Rose Mark’d Queen Adapted from William Shakespeare’s Henry V, Henry VI Part 1, Henry VI Part 2, Henry VI Part 3 and Richard III and directed by Devin Brain. Presented through Aug. 13 by the Yale Summer Cabaret Shakespeare Festival, in repertory with The Tempest and As You Like It. Artistic Director: Devin Brain. Producer: … Continue reading »

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