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Posted by on June 28, 2011

When I was in L.A. with the Engine28 project, I reviewed a slew of rock-themed theater shows at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. In one of the articles, I complimented a production of Robert Ford’s Girl Band in the Men’s Room as being “the most realistic rock-related show” of three I’d seen in a single night, “without plucking a single live note.” This was technically true of the stage performance, but a cast member/co-producer of Girl Band in the Men’s Room soon emailed me to point out that a promo video had been made for the show, featuring the four lead actresses and studio musicians. Here it is:

Another of the shows I caught that same night, Charlie! The Death of Nancy Fullforce by Jasten King, has so many preview, rehearsal, promotional and other videos on YouTube that if you strung them together they’d almost run as long as the show itself. I’m most interested in this one, a proper music video made for Charlie!’s opening number “Dead or Alive,” back when Nancy Fullforce was a band and not a theatrical enterprise.

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