Two Slips

As if the ice wasn’t enough, somebody left a full ripe banana by the side of the road about half a mile from our new home in Bethany.
This would perhaps not be as amusing in downtown New Haven, but in Bethany there is never anything by the side of the road. No litter. No “We Will Buy Your House” fliers. No abandoned shopping carts. Nothing.
A fresh banana. All by itself amid acres of trees and snow.

And search all corners of the new-found world
For pleasant fruits and princely delicates
—Christopher Marlowe, The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus

Rock Gods #331: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

Dance music. They played it before the Edgewood Day show Thursday. By dance music, we mean a 1927 recording of the Primrose Waltz by the Fantasy Attenuators. Then 50-Tuft Horse stampeded with a clap- along, stomp-along thrash routine which got out of hand. The number, of course, was the band’s longtime staple “Got the Brush.” Love these community bake sale basement shows.

Tonight: Striped Mojarra, with Rosy Dory, at the Bullfinch… Smalltooth and Slender Snipe at Hamilton’s, in full warpaint… Pacu and Opah, world music, at D’Ollaire’s…

Riverdale Book Review

Archie Anagrams Part 2: More Archie names spelled out, a collaboration among me and my daughters Mabel and Sally.


Triangle-point with
Yellow hair


50 Songs About Walking

“Walk,” Pantera
“Walk,” Kwabs
“Walk With Me,” Lecrae featuring Novel. Apparently a favorite of Red Sox outfielder Daniel Nava.
“Walk a Mile in My Shoes,” Joe South
“(Remember) Walkin’ in the Sand,” The Shangri-Las
“I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),” The Proclaimers
“These Boots were made for Walking,” Nancy Sinatra
“Walk of Life,” Dire Straits
“Fire Walk With Me,” Angelo Badalamenti
“I Walk the Line,” Johnny Cash
“Walking on Thin Ice,” Yoko Ono
“Walk On By,” Dionne Warwick
“I’m Walkin’,” Fats Domino
“Tennessee Bird Walk,” Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan
“Party Song (Walk of Shame),” All Time Low
“Walk Like A Man,” The Four Seasons
“Walk Like An Egyptian,” The Bangles
“Walk Right In,” Rooftop Singers
“Walk This Way,” Aerosmith (with and without Run-D.M.C.)
“Winter Wonderland,”
Walking in Rhythm,” The Blackbyrds
“You’ll Never Walk Alone,” Jerry Lewis
“Do the Walk,” Digney Fingus
“The Walk,” Dr. Feelgood
“The Walk,” Meyer Hawthorne
“Walk Hard,” Dewey Cox
“Theme from Walker, Texas Ranger (Eyes of the Ranger),” Chuck Norris
“Baby Elephant Walk,” Henry Mancini
“Camel Walk,” Southern Culture on the Skids
“Walk Away Rene,” The Left Banke
“Don’t Walk Away,” ELO
“Walking on Sunshine,” Katrina & the Waves
“Walking on the Moon,” The Police
“Moonwalk,” Earth Wind & Fire
“In Walks the Night,” Heart
“Desire Walks On,” Heart
“Just Keep Walking,” INXS
“Keep On Walkin’,” CeCe Peniston
“Walk the Walk,” N3GUS featuring Jakes
“Walk the Walk,” Jordin Sparks
“Walk the Walk,” Poe
“Walk the Walk,” Deuce
“Love Walked In,” Thunder
“Love Walks In,” Van Halen
“Walk the Dog,” Rufus Thomas
“Walk the Dinosaur,” Was (Not Was)
“Walk Right Now,” The Jacksons
“The Walker,” Fitz & the Tantrums
“Do the Walk,” The Inmates. Saw them do this live at the Orpheum in Boston in 1980 (I think), opening for Joe Jackson. They walked rather awkwardly around the stage while doing the song.