Rock Gods #293: Adventures in Our Little Music Scene

The Quiet Quire is so quiet that you can’t hear them even if you want to.

Club noise is their concept. They play, but they play without benefit of microphones or electrified instruments.

Truly, if you are at the foot of the stage and listen up close, then you can hear some stirring, subtle, gentle strains. But it’s you doing most of the straining.

As a conceptual performance exercise, QQ partly just wants to see what happens when the crowd realizes that they can’t hear them.

Bandleader K. Johns, who prefers not to discuss the act’s artistic thesis but is happy  to report on the response to the shows themselves (there’ve been three), says “Sometimes we’re just ignored. People just drinking at the bar often don’t pay attention to the band anyway.”

Tonight on the scene: a kiddie (high school) concert at Hamilton’s with Orange Plunge, Thurty, Who Invited You?, The Membership Cards, Thousands of Doors Rocked, Top Issues and ReEntry … Strangely, a bunch of graduates from previous high school battles at Hamilton’s are now in regular bands doing regular band things at the Bullfinch: Public Safety & Violence, CVP, Unprecedented Numbers (formerly the Naughty Numbers), Stacks of Richard and Issues or Initiatives.. An Evening with The Wofts at D’ollaire’s, but the much better band, Mihtohseeni onki, is opening….